Tuesday, 4 February 2014

January Favourites.

So I spent quite a lot of the month of January in the USA with my boyfriend which is why there has been so little action on my blog. I had been planning on bringing my laptop but I literally did not have enough space in my suitcase to cram it in! I am back now (sob!) and have quite a few posts planned for the upcoming days and weeks. Due to traveling, I also did not have access to my large collection of make up and skincare last month so my favourites are items which I have used a lot.

First up is a night-cream by Origins. It is High Potency Night-A-Mins. My skin is hellish in that it is combination but it can get so dry during winter. This moisturiser is perfect for targeting my dry patches but yet I don't wake up with a super shiny t-zone. It also smells amazing. It reminds me of freshly squeezed orange juice, but not in a zingy 'wake me up' way - in a way that is so soothing. I loved using it before bed.

Featured in a haul of mine lately - Mint Juleps lip scrub by Lush. Just like my skin, my lips get dry and flaky in cold weather. I have been suffering so badly with chapped lips but this stuff is definitely helping. I picked up a few new lip products while I was in America which I was eager to try out, so having this to slather on and buff off dead skin was a godsend! It reminds me of After Eights - minty chocolate, mmm! I believe that you can eat it after you use it but personally I prefer to just wipe it off. I guess it's nice to have the option!

A mascara I did NOT like to begin with - Lancome Hypnose Star. This mascara was an impulse buy for me. I picked it up when I was returning from my last US trip and waiting for a connecting flight at Chicago airport. Quite frankly, I bought it for its glittery packaging. I tossed it into my make up bag for traveling last month though because I figured I'd rarely used it and I, surprisingly, fell in love with it. I like a dramatic, black lash and I don't really differentiate between day and night time mascaras so this works well for me for both. I might even re-purchase it some day!

Sleek Blush By 3 palette in Lace. I have liked this palette since I bought it but I noticed in January when my blush selection was narrowed down to only this and my NARS Foreplay palette, that I choose this the majority of the time. It looks crazy bright in the pan but it lights my face up so beautifully and with a light-hand, gives a natural looking flush. I am so impressed by the pigmentation and I know I am going to buy another one of these guys soon!

Still winter but I felt like having a colour injection in my life! When I went for a manicure before I left, I decided to go with Watermelon by Essie. I loved how it looked and I am not a pink girl at all! I liked it so much that I bought it at Target and it is what I have on my nails currently. I never really stick with the same shade on my nails so that's how I know that this is a keeper.

Last but by no means least is No Puffery Cooling Eye Gel by Origins. My mum picked me up some Origins bits and pieces for Christmas and this is one I actually requested. I fly long-haul a lot (travel times of 22+ hours) and who looks good getting off such a flight! This product was a saviour for me! I applied it all around my tired eyes and not only does it feel cooling and refreshing, but it makes my eyes and eye area look less puffy and awful. I've introduced it to my skincare routine in general.

I feel like I should give the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette an honourable mention. Again, this is something I chucked into my make up bag and brought away with me. I did (sneakily) also bring the original Naked palette but I used my newest edition over and over. I think it is gorgeous and while I was a little hesitant about it in the beginning, it is safe to say now that I adore it.

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