Saturday, 7 December 2013

Beauty Bargains under €15.

I think everybody loves it when they find a 'must-have' beauty product and it is a bargainous price too. The above are my some of my favourites.

Rimmel Clear Complexion translucent powder is the only powder I invest in these days. I have tried pressed powders from so many brands, including NARS and MAC, and for me, nothing compares to Rimmel. I have an oily t-zone so I rely on a pressed powder to keep my foundation in place and to stop the dreaded shine. This does exactly that, lasts for ages and all for only €5.95.

I think Carmex is the greatest lip product, ever. I mean it when I say that I have a problem with this stuff. It is everywhere! I have a tube in my bag, in my car, on my desk at work. This isn't a love affair, it's an addiction. If you would like to join me, you can for only €3.99!

I admit it - sometimes when it comes to eye make-up I am a little bit lazy. Blending, shading... I just want to roll out of bed and look good! Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo is the answer to my prayers. I own quite a few of these but Bad to the Bronze (I believe it is On and On Bronze in the US) is my favourite. I apply this with my finger. It takes only a moment and it looks like I have made so much more effort than I have in reality. Thoroughly recommended. €5.96 - what more could you ask for!?

The concealer that everybody loves - Lasting Perfection by Collection. I generally wear the shade Light 2 but I have also picked this up in Light 1 and Medium 3, why not when it is only €6.49! Wonderful coverage, creamy and still perfectly blendable. I don't even consider trying anything else!

Volumizer mascara by Bourjois is a two step mascara that does just what the name suggests - volumises! It is €13.99 so somewhat more expensive that other products I have mentioned, however it is a mascara so that is forgivable as they are always quite dear. I know that this is one of those love/hate items. Some people find it makes their lashes look clumpy, but I can't get enough of it. If you want big, black, dramatic lashes - check it out!

Want to spend the best €9.99 you ever will? Simply go to Boots and buy the Sleek Brow Kit! I use the shade Dark and it really is. I have black eyebrows anyway but this definitely emphasises them. I am a fan of the Anastasia Brow Wiz for ease and not having to fumble around with brushes too, but this kit could convert me. I think it makes brows look amazing.

Finally, the blending brushes by elf. I buy these all the time. They are £1.50 from I am pretty sure that I've picked up a few in the US for only $1 at Target. Like a lot of people, I love the 217 brush by MAC but it is rather costly. I wouldn't say this brush by elf is a dupe but it is really good for only the price of it and worth having a few around.

That is all, I hope that everybody has a fantastic weekend.

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