Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Review: Benefit Stay Flawless Primer.

I can admit it - pretty packaging is sometimes enough to convince me to buy a product and the polka dot pattern along with the black, white and pink colour scheme really did lure me in here.

I was in need of a new primer having had a recent disaster with a Revlon one which I picked up on a whim after my Laura Mercier ran out. Two weeks ago, whilst traveling between Ireland and the UK on the ferry, I was bored (and a little queasy!) so I decided to browse the duty-free. This product caught my eye and I immediately justified my instant, "Oooh, that's pretty!" reaction by thinking, "Well, I actually do need a new primer.".

I paid £25/€29.70 for this but I believe that it retails for a whopping €35.50 in Ireland. Let me launch right in to this review by saying I would absolutely, not in a million years, pay over thirty euro for this primer. It is not that there is anything wrong with the product - the application is smooth and somewhat creamy. However, there is nothing so right about this that makes its extortionate price worth it.

15 hour primer? I highly doubt it. It is nice and it feels good on the skin but I still find that I need to do a make up touch up during the day.

My main issue with this Benefit primer is that after only fourteen days of use, there is not very much left at all. The above demonstrates the remaining product - probably enough for another two or three weeks. I wouldn't say that I use a large amount of it each day so I do find this aspect incredibly disappointing. 

Overall, the Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer is fine, but ridiculously over-priced and not one which I will ever buy again. It is a shame because it looks so cute in my make up bag!


  1. i hate when things which have been raved about are a let down...especially when they are expensive!good honest review!im now following your blog girlie!:)x

  2. I just thought it was crazy expensive! Thanks, lovely! I'm checking yours out now x