Monday, 2 December 2013

Review: Origins Clear Improvement.

As the packaging suggests, Clear Improvement by Origins is an active charcoal mask used to clear pores. Apparently charcoal acts as a magnet and works to draw out any impurities lodged under the skins' surface. This mask hardens very quickly on the skin and once it has dried, it can be washed off. I find that I have this mask on for less than five minutes each time I use it. I tend to apply it once a week.

After using this mask, my skin is squeaky clean, as in it actually squeaks. I do have some visible pores on my forehead between my eyebrows but after using this product, they definitely do appear to be reduced. Unlike with some masks, I do not find that I suffer from break-outs post use. For that reason, this is the only mask I have been relying on for some time now (other than my beloved moisture masks, of course!).

I have recently repurchased Clear Improvement as part of a gift set.

Great Gift Alert!

This set, along with the aforementioned mask, contains a 75ml Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask and a 75ml Drink Up 10 Minute mask. I would definitely pick this trio up for any girl who is into her skincare. I know that I would love to receive it! I bought mine in John Lewis but I have also seen it available at Origins counters elsewhere (in Ireland too!). I paid £22.50. This is an absolute bargain considering a 100ml tube of Clear Improvement alone retails for almost £20.

Travel sized versions of the above Origins products are also available for anybody who might like to dabble and not just take my word that these are incredible.

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