Thursday, 5 December 2013

Hair Care: Long, Straight & Fine.

As you can see, I have pretty long and super straight hair. Above is my hair not straightened, that is just how it is naturally. I, 90% (what is it they say about 72% of statistics being made up on the spot!) of the time, wear my hair curled or wavy. I just want big hair! I get asked a lot what I do with my hair though, so I figured I'd put it on the internet. 

Shower products

I try to use a volumising shampoo or conditioner. Sometimes, in cases of running out in an emergency, I have to pick up something else but overall lack of volume is my biggest hair problem. Currently I am using Luxurious Volume by John Frieda. When I have conditioner in my hair, I comb through the ends (from about my ear downward) and leave it in there for a few minutes. From time to time, I use the Umberto Giannini Plump Up Volumising Mask for Big Hair. I do find that my hair both looks and feels thicker after I use this mask. 

I have balayage, though it's not noticeable in a lot of my pictures. I use Bleach London Silver Shampoo maybe once every two weeks to stop it becoming brassy. I've seen some reviews where people have said that this turns their hair blue but I've never had that happen to me. I guess I would advise caution if you have really light blonde hair.

After shower products

I have been using hair brushes by Denman since forever! Not much to say about it really, it does what I need a hair brush to do and I don't find it tugs on my hair or causes breakage. Two to three times a week, I spray some Umberto Giannini Instant Beauty Leave-In Conditioner into my damp hair before blow drying. I do wash and dry my hair every day (every week day at least and yes, I know that's bad!) so I figure some extra moisture can't hurt. 

On to the good stuff - texture! I use VO5 Plump It Up essentially every day. I have such flat, lifeless hair. This gives it a little ooomph! I lift sections of my hair, give this a good ol' spray and then ruffle things up with my fingers. If I've curled my hair, I always spray it liberally through the curls to mess them up a bit. I like bedhead hair.

Finally, I use Bb Texture Hair (Un)dressing Creme sometimes. This is a product that I use on damp hair. In all honesty, it can make your hair feel a little gross but it sure does make it bigger. If you like squeaky clean, swishy just washed hair, I'd avoid this. If, like me, you're fine with mussed up hair, buy this! I think it makes my hair look at least twice bigger than it really is!

If you have any recommendations of products for BIG hair, please leave them below.

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