Saturday, 14 December 2013

Empties #2.

Cutex Ultra Cleansing nail varnish remover. I have been using this particular bottle for months. I tend to only remove nail varnish once a week and it doesn't take a lot of this to do its job. It is not overly expensive so I more than likely will buy it again. As far as its 'Ultra Cleansing' claim goes, well I don't find it in any way different from other removers I've tried in the past.

A foundation favourite of mine - MAC Studio Fix Fluid in the shade NW20. I know that a lot of people say that MAC foundations are over-hyped and not worth it but I genuinely love this and feel like I will always go back to it. The colour match is perfect for my skin which is really important but aside from that, I love the consistency and the application. I find it long-lasting and great for combination skin.

Garnier Pure Active Charcoal facial scrub is a scrub which contains charcoal beads. These supposedly burst on application and work to remove impurities from the skin. I have an interest in charcoal based skincare as I am a lover of the Origins Clear Improvement mask so I picked this up to use in the shower when I saw it. (Garnier was also on 3 for 2 at Boots at the time!). It is a clear gel and the beads are suspended in it. I found it fine for every day use and extremely gentle considering it is a scrub. I probably will not buy it again as it didn't amaze me but it is good if you're in need of an affordable exfoliant.

Flake Away body scrub by Soap and Glory is one of those products that I always like to have in my shower. I have a travel sized here because I wanted to take it with me on a weekend way but I do have a full-sized version also. It smells delicious and it is quite thick and grainy. I like its texture, especially for my legs, but I think if you have particularly sensitive skin, you should be careful with this. I will buy it again and again.

The blogger loved concealer - Collection Lasting Perfection. I really do believe that this is a product that deserves the amount of praise it gets. It is so creamy and blendable and can be used on both blemishes and under the eye. It is super cheap but still has a decent colour range. I have given up trying other concealers because I love this one so much.

Origins Checks and Balances. Again, a travel sized version. I acquired this as part of a gift set but have since purchased it in full size. It is wonderful for my combination skin, somehow managing to be harsh enough on my oily forehead but yet gentle on my drier areas. It smells like mint so I adore it in my morning shower - wakes me right up!

I used MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural as a setting powder for a few months before it ran out. I was impressed with how long it lasted for but overall I didn't find it astonishing. Rimmel powders do the exact same job as far as I am concerned so I will be saving my pennies in the future. That said, I am glad I tried it out.

Finally, a product which does not look very empty - Revlon Photoready primer. I mentioned this in my Disappointing Products blog post here. The pump is so bad that I can no longer get any of this out of the bottle. Therefore, I paid full price for a primer but only about half of it dispensed. As a primer itself, it was nothing out of the ordinary. I'm hoping I was just unlucky with the bottle I chose, but if not, very poor from Revlon.

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