Friday, 29 November 2013

Disappointing Products #1.

I think I am somewhat difficult to please when it comes to beauty products. I do tend to re-purchase what I like over and over, so I am brand loyal but when I don't like something, I definitely don't like it and I am not afraid to say it. 

Revlon Photoready Perfecting primer: I bought this primer when I ran out of my Laura Mercier one while in the US. I was with my boyfriend and I didn't think he'd appreciate being dragged around Sephora (any more!) so I picked this up at Target while we were there anyway. 
As you can see from the picture, there is still quite a lot of product left, however the pump is unable to reach it so therefore it cannot be dispensed. I know it wasn't overly expensive but I still find this irritating so for that reason alone, I wouldn't consider buying it again. As a primer, I don't have any complaints in particular - it was fine.

Origins Make A Difference Rejuvenating Treatment: I know that this is a much loved Origins moisturiser but I would advise caution if your combination skin is more dry than oily in places, and I especially would not use it in winter. I was only able to use this cream three to four times before I had to give up on it. My skin was literally peeling off and my make up looked awful. I might try it again next summer. 

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser: There have been a lot of rave reviews about this in-shower moisturiser, but quite frankly, I think it is a waste of time. If your skin is wet in the shower, it seems to just slip right off you so I don't see how it can be absorbed. I think there are much better body moisturising alternatives to this on the market that are a lazy girls dream, for example the new spray on by Vaseline. 

Benefit Hoola bronzer: This particular bronzer makes me look dirty! I much prefer Laguna by NARS. 

Maybelline The Rocket and Falsies mascara: I guess I am fussy where mascara is concerned. I have favourites and these two are definitely not them. I didn't find either volumising and I can't see myself buying them in the future.

That is all for now. I actually prefer doing posts on products I like, but I thought I would change it up for today. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and make sure to check out and enter my Real Techniques giveaway HERE!

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