Friday, 22 November 2013

Winter Must-Haves: Boots.

In my last Winter Must-Haves the attention was on knitwear. This time the spotlight shines on boots. I'll let you in on a secret - I am not the biggest lover of boots. In September I was found in a lot of snow wearing a pair of River Island sandals! (I hold my hands up to that being both a fashion victim moment and undeniably freezing!). However, this season the various boots with cut-out details and all those beautiful buckles have me hooked. Here are my picks of a lovely lot.

From L-R, top row:
1. Topshop
3. Boohoo

From L-R, bottom row:

1. I love these boots from Topshop. In my opinion, they look a lot better in person - less 'plastic'. The cut-out detail really appeals to me. I envision wearing them with skinny jeans, maybe rolled up to really emphasise that feature. 

2. I just have a thing for burgundy. I see these with a plain and simple outfit - make them the focal point, along with some statement jewellery. Bargainous price of £29.99/€36.03* too.

3. I am loving the gold detailing on these tan boots from Boohoo. I don't own any boots in this colour so I think they'd make a great addition to my wardrobe. The wrap strap and cut-out are, of course, obvious selling points for me.

4. Ah, the Jeffery Campbell Benatar boot! I think I've lusted over these for all of my lifetime. I have ever so slightly gone off stud detailing lately, but it's safe to say that for these, I could make an exception. Also, they are on sale!

5. I know I have just said that I have gone off stud detailing but I think these are somewhat more subtle. The colour is unusual and they look more expensive than what they are - £29.99/€36.03*. New Look seriously are up there when it comes to affordable footwear this winter.

6. These would be my absolute splurge item... £199/€238.94*. I am obsessed. I don't even know what to say... I need them. 

* denotes that price is the equivalent of currency on website. Items may cost more if bought in store.

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