Saturday, 23 November 2013

Topshop Haul.

Here is a very quick snapshot of my most recent purchases from Topshop. I had to take this picture in a hurry because I was off to get my eyebrows done and then on to work (excuses, excuses!). I will be doing a post on eyebrows very shortly because I think they are super important.

Side-tracked! I had to buy this fluffy star cardigan. It is so soft and it is on sale here for only £30/€35.88*. Totally worth the money, it feels gorgeous and is really warm. I would probably buy a size up if you like an over-sized cardigan look. I didn't and I regret it a teeny bit.

Secondly, this coat. Oh my goodness... I adore it. So snuggly! I bought it in store and it was €120 which is rather expensive but there are certain things I believe in investing in and coats are one of them. If bought online here, it is £79/€94.48*.

I think my recent post on knitwear made my love of it rather clear so when I saw this lilac cardi on sale for only £10/€11.96*, it was in my basket quicker than... other things that happen really quickly! Seriously, a Topshop cardigan for less than €15! The quality is nice and I think it was well worth buying. Here it is!

Striped long-sleeve tee - I had to have it. I love a Breton t-shirt with a bright red lip, think it looks effortlessly stylish. Only £18/€21.53* when bought online. It can be found right here

Another long-sleeve top but I think these are perfect for layering and those days when you just don't feel like putting too much effort into getting dressed. I see this with a totally out there statement necklace. You can find it here. Again £18/€21.53*.

I cannot go into Topshop without buying a nail varnish.

* denotes that price is the equivalent of currency on website. Items may cost more if bought in store.

I might do an outfit post featuring some of these soon, so keep your eyes peeled if interested. Also, if you want to win some Real Techniques, enter my giveaway HERE!

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