Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Winter Must-Haves: Knitwear.

I am most definitely a summer girl when it comes to dressing. I like short sleeves and sandals and truth be told, I am not the greatest at layering. However, knitwear is something which gets me excited every year, as sad as that may sound. Below are my favourite picks for staying cosy in winter 2013!

From L-R, top row:
1 Topshop 

From L-R, bottom row: 
5 Topshop 

1: First up, we have this beauty from Topshop, with its PU sleeve detail. This cardigan has 'grandad' appeal for me. It reminds me of something a cute, old man would wear. Bonus points for the arm patches. I have numerous items of Topshop knitwear from previous seasons which are still going strong so I firmly believe that they are worth the price tag. (£55/€65.63*)

2: I know, I know. More fluffy! This was a double whammy for me by River Island though because it is not only fluffy but it is also striped. I think items like this make dressing easy - you can throw them on with a pair of black skinnies and a black cami and you don't look like you made zero effort in the wardrobe department due to them being quite statement. (£38/€45.28*)

3: Oh, American Apparel! So pricey, but so beautiful. I seriously love slouchy, comfort wear. The laid-back feel of this cardigan has me hooked. I try to only buy from AA when I'm the US (in particular in their outlet stores) but for me, this is an investment. (£66/€88.95 from asos, €86 from their own website)

4: This cream shearling cardigan is gorgeous, in my opinion. I like how it has no buttons - the simplicity to me is perfect, totally lets the texture do the talking. (£39.99/€54.38)

5: A coatigan, that's what Topshop are calling this and that is why I need to have it! I never wears coats. I own a few but I've never found one which I love and I feel happy to wear a lot. This coat/cardigan hybrid is the answer to all of my prayers! (£65/€77.46)

6: I figured I should probably add some colour. I, like most people I guess, wear more muted tones during this season but I think it's good to brighten things up from time to time. I am a big fan of all things ombre so I present to you my last choice, this bargain from Forever 21. (£19.84*, €23.75)

* denotes that price is the equivalent of currency on website. Items may cost more if bought in store. 

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